If your car has been involved in a wreck and you need an accident towing service or if you need to safely transport your vehicle somewhere far away, there are benefits to using our long-distance towing service. You may not be aware of this, but towing can cause wear and tear to a vehicle while the vehicle is headed to the final destination. Long distance towing with a rollback tow truck is a more versatile towing option that will ensure that your vehicle arrives where you want with as little damage as possible.

A Safer Tow

There are several factors that can cause damage to a vehicle while using standard towing. Because the wheels are still on the road, they can be worn down while driving, and the fact that your car is exposed means that any rough weather or accidents will affect it more than if it were safely elevated, covered, and secured on a flatbed tow truck.

Save Your Transmission

With long-distance towing, your vehicle is placed on a flatbed where it remains stationary. Flatbed towing is better for your transmission than conventional towing methods. With traditional towing methods, your vehicle’s wheels rotate the entire ride. That rotation causes the gears inside the transmission to move and summarily wears down the transmission on your vehicle.


There are certain vehicles that either can’t be towed or it is not financially viable to tow with the traditional methods because they’re too big, they are an exotic or luxury vehicle or are a motorcycle. When you opt-in using a long-distance tow truck, you can transport trucks or SUVs.

When You Need of a Long Distance Towing Service

Hopefully, you won’t find yourself in need of long-distance towing in the near future, but when you are in need of a long-distance tow, give us a call at 404-738-5119 today, we are here and ready to help.