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There comes a time when you may eventually require motorcycle towing services, whether your bike breaks down on the road or in your driveway. Learning about this service before you need it will give you time to select a trusted company and learn about how your bike will be treated. Call the motorcycle towing experts at Atlanta Towing Services at 404-738-5119.


Specialized Towing Service

Unfortunately, if your bike goes out of commission, you cannot call just any towing service when you are stuck with a broken bike. If the vehicle towing service shows up with a regular old wrecker for car towing, you won’t be able to get the motorcycle towed properly.

At Atlanta Towing Service, we are a roadside assistance provider that specifically tows motorcycles, and we will ensure your bike is loaded onto a motorcycle trailer or tow truck. We will not just throw your bike into the back of a truck and hope for the best. Experienced motorcycle towers, like Atlanta Towing, will also have the chains to keep your bike in place without causing any additional damage.

Reasons to Call a Motorcycle Towing Service in Metro Atlanta

There are a variety of reasons why your motorcycle would need to be hooked up to a flatbed tow truck. Here are the three most common reasons you need to call a motorcycle towing company.

Dead Battery

The battery turns over the starter motor, which in turn turns over the engine. If your bike isn’t even trying to start, the battery is likely too low to provide enough spark to get the starter going. A car battery is much larger than the one in your motorcycle, so manufacturers advise against trying to jump-start your bike. Instead, you can call a tow truck to get you to the nearest auto shop.

Flat Tire

Flat tires can sometimes be patched but riding when they’re underinflated can all but destroy the interior structure of the motorcycle tire. By simply towing your motorcycle behind your car or truck can also warp the rim. A warped rim could be what is a relatively simple fix, and without care in the motorcycle towing process, can become an expensive repair.

Towing services have the equipment to keep your bike’s wheels off the ground on the way to the shop. Not only does this minimize damage to your bike, but it can also prevent accidents that might occur if you try to ride on underinflated tires.

No Gas

It’s no secret that motorcycles generally have smaller fuel tanks than cars and trucks. A smaller gas tank means that you are much more likely to run out of gas on the road. Unfortunately, often when this happens you might be miles away from the nearest gas station. Fortunately, many towing services also offer roadside assistance, including gas delivery services. This can save you hours of walking or waiting for someone to bring you a few gallons of gas.

Do You Need a Motorcycle Tow?

If your motorcycle has broken down, and has you stranded on the side or the road, call the motorcycle towing experts at Atlanta Towing Service at 404-738-5119 or email us at

Motorcycle Towing Service in Metro Atlanta
Motorcycle Towing Atlanta
Specialized Towing Service

Do You Need a Motorcycle Tow?

If your motorcycle has broken down, and has you stranded on the side or the road, call the motorcycle towing experts at Atlanta Towing Service at 404-738-5119 or email us at

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