After you have a breakdown or a car accident, trying to choose the best towing service near me can be a difficult proposition. The right towing company will remove your vehicle from the area and transport it to a mechanic or location of your choosing. But not every towing service is the same, and choosing the right one for your circumstances ensures your vehicle is safely moved. Below is a brief guide to choosing the best towing company for you. Call us at 470-604-7272 for a nearby tow truck today!


Reputation and Customer Service

You want a tow truck company that understands your needs when you call and will offer prompt, friendly customer service. If you are stranded after a breakdown, you don’t want a tow truck company that gives you more stress. Ask trusted sources like family and friends for recommendations for towing services they’ve used and would use again. Your cheap car insurance provider may also have an available list of local towing companies that they work with.

Need Towing Services Near Me?

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Research the Nearest Towing Company

Research the company to ensure they offer what you need. Services like 24-hour roadside assistance or long distance hauling are just two actions a towing company can take. Some towing companies will also help with the following services which include:

As a tow truck service nearby, we can also offer other repairs to get your vehicle back on the road even sooner.


The Details

Find out how the best local towing services near me will hitch your vehicle. Flatbed tow trucks, also known as rollback tow trucks are usually used to transport cars and are the better choice to use to tow your vehicle, because the risk of damage is less than a hitch. Ask the tow truck dispatcher when you call Atlanta GA Towing Service what kind of truck they will send out. With us, you can rest assured that our drivers are fully licensed and insured, and that the truck is in good condition when it arrives.

Calling a Towing Service Near Me is Easy

At Atlanta GA Towing Services, we are a local towing service that has coverage in the entire Atlanta, GA area. Call us in your time of need at 470-604-7272, we are here and ready to help.

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