After an auto accident, you will most likely be bewildered and upset so it may be difficult to make quick decisions about who is the best person to call and what to do with your vehicle directly after the car accident. To help you deal with one of the most important decisions at that time, here are some tips for hiring the right emergency tow truck company. This information is invaluable in a time of crisis and can help you choose an Atlanta tow service to get you out of a jam. Give us a call at 470-604-7272 .

Don’t Take the First Tow Provider

Don’t just trust your vehicle or your insurance information to an Atlanta towing service that shows up unrequested. Unfortunately, there are some shady tow truck companies that drive around in search of car breakdowns. Although their appearance may seem like a blessing at first, you may later regret not waiting for the arrival of the towing service you actually requested. Scammers can utilize your personal information or charge you crazy high fees once they’ve delivered your vehicle. In the end, it’s best to wait for a reliable towing service.

Need an Atlanta Towing Company?

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Check for Online Reviews

Look for a reputable tow company with excellent online reviews from sites like Facebook, Mapquest or even Google. The better the towing company reputation, the more likely you are to have a pleasant towing experience. Stay away from towing services who receive complaints about:

  • Slow response times
  • Unauthorized charges
  • Damage to the towed vehicle

The last thing that you want to happen is to become another dissatisfied customer.


Will the Tow Company Provide Receipts

Make sure that when you call for towing near Atlanta, GA, you will receive a receipt for your tow. This is important, even if the towing receipt is only handwritten. First, you may have to submit one to be reimbursed by your insurance company if you have 24-hour roadside assistance coverage. Also, it is a good idea to check the receipt to make sure you’ve been charged only for towing services you’ve authorized. It’s always smart to try a local towing company when needed.

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