When your car breaks down on the side of the road, before the need arises. you’ll want to have the phone number of a good tow truck service handy. If you’re in the need for roadside assistance Atlanta, you can always contact, Atlanta GA Towing Services at 404-738-5119. Here are four simple tips for choosing the best tow truck in your area.

Towing AvailabilityCHOOSE TOWS

Most towing services are available 24/7 because cars don’t always break down during regular business hours. However, not every 24 hour tow company has an operator answering the phone night and day. Instead, they may require you to leave a voicemail and then will call you back. Ask how often staff members are on the premises, and look for a business that has someone answering the phone at all times.

Towing Services Offered

It’s not always necessary to tow your vehicle. You may just need a jump-start or some help putting on a spare tire or some other type of emergency roadside assistance. Some towing services can even help you if get locked out of the car. To ensure you don’t need to call multiple emergency tow truck service companies, look for a tow truck service that also offers roadside assistance.

Need to Choose a Tow Truck?

Call 470-604-7272

Type of Towing Vehicles Available

Different tow trucks are equipped to haul different vehicles. If your car is severely damaged or extremely valuable, a flatbed tow truck might be the best option. Additionally, not every towing service can haul a semi-truck. If you’re not sure the company has the right equipment to pull your vehicle, call and verify beforehand.


Good Reviews

Request references and read online feedback. An Atlanta towing company that is fast and reliable will have predominantly good reviews. On the other hand, if you see a large number of negative ones, that’s a sign the company isn’t taking care of their customers as well as they should.

Are You Ready to Choose a Tow Truck

If you are stranded in the Atlanta, GA area and need to choose a tow truck quickly, call  the Atlanta GA Towing Service at 470-604-7272 for an immediate towing service near me today!