Have you ever driven off the main road and onto an unpaved or hard-to-reach area? Some drivers encounter muddy conditions, get stuck, and then need off-road recovery towing for a 4X4. A 4X4 off-road recovery tow is a type of tow that is more common than you might think, but if you find yourself calling roadside assistance for an off-road tow, call the team at Atlanta GA Towing Service at 470-604-7272 for assistance as soon as possible. If you need a tow truck Atlanta drivers can trust, call Atlanta GA Towing Service.

4X4 Off Road Recovery Tow

How Do You Know You Need Off-Road Towing?

As its name implies, a 4X4 off-road recovery towing is necessary for any situation in which your vehicle requires towing when it is located in a place that’s difficult for a standard tow truck to reach. In other words, off-road 4X4 towing requires a particular tow truck vehicle to reach and retrieve your car from the difficult-to-reach area. Some common examples of situations that need off-road tows to include the following situations:

  • Commercial vehicles have broken down at excavating sites
  • Recreational vehicles flipped and wrecked along a dirt trail in the forest.

Do You Need an Off-Road 4X4 Tow

Call an Off-Road Tow


What Should You Expect During Your Off-Road Tow?

An off-road 4X4 tow will require a special vehicle and the type of equipment to retrieve vehicles trapped in off-road locations, so make sure you clarify the type of tow you need when you call to request roadside assistance. Off-road towing vehicles are usually trucks containing four-wheel drives, suspension lifts, and utility beds to accommodate larger off-road tires.

The tow trucks will also feature a recovery strap and a tow strap. In many cases, more than one person will be needed to recover your vehicle. These tow trucks are able to maneuver into difficult spaces to reach stranded vehicles. If you find yourself with an engine overheated idle engine, we can help with that too.

Expect During Your Off-Road Tow

Do You Need an Off-Road 4X4 Tow?

If you need an off-road tow, call the specialized emergency roadside assistance experts at Atlanta GA Towing Services at 470-604-7272 for assistance as soon as possible.