Spring is the ideal time to perform some basic auto maintenance tasks to keep your vehicle operating smoothly. Once the cold weather has fled and you can comfortably spend time outdoors, it’s much easier to work on your car. Below are 4 Spring car maintenance tips you can perform yourself with only a few basic auto supplies to keep your car running and prevent the need to call for an Atlanta tow truck at 470-604-7272!

Check the Automobile Fluids

Check all of your car’s fluids to make sure they’re not getting gunky, and the levels are not low. Maintaining proper automobile fluid levels is particularly important for engine oil and transmission fluid since those are the vehicle’s two most important systems. Make sure to also check brake fluid and coolant, and top off any necessary fluids. You can buy additional automobile fluids at any reputable auto supplies outlet, or in Big Box stores such as Wal-Mart, Target or Autozone.


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Change Your Car’s Windshield Wipers

The cold weather can cause the rubber to crack and consequently tear during use. Thus, your windshield wipers may not be working at top performance after a rough winter. You can buy new windshield wipers from a wide selection at virtually any store or service station. It’s a general recommendation that the wiper blades on your car or truck at least every 6 to 12 months. Why? It is because windshield wipers on average vehicles are made from biodegradable rubber. A good exercise is checking wipers regularly so you are cognizant of the best time to change your auto windshield wipers.

Regularly Wash and Wax Your Automobile

It’s important to wash the car in spring to clear away salt residue, which can dull the paint job and corrode the underbody. Additionally, a good auto wax protects against damage caused by the sun’s UV rays, which easily can become more intense as Spring turns into the Summer season. Take advantage of a good local detailing company to help you out with regular vehicle washes and waxes.


Check Your Auto Air Filter

There is nothing that can call for the need for an Atlanta towing service but an old air filter. Your car’s air filter cleans the air before it enters the engine and mixes the clean air with fuel in the carburetor. Unfortunately, in spring, the air is filled with pollen, and so it’s highly important to make sure the air filter is fresh and working at full capacity. A clogged filter can impact:

  • Automobile performance
  • Fuel economy
  • Shorten the engine’s life span


Follow these Spring Auto Care Tips

If you follow these car care tips for the spring chances are that you will have a car that is in good working order, without the need to get an emergency roadside assistance in Johns Creek. If you happen to neglect your vehicle and you need to call a towing service in Atlanta, give us at Atlanta GA Towing Service a call at 470-604-7272!